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Fla. Hospital Denied In Bid To Expand Beyond Tax District

Law360 covered a ruling that Lash & Goldberg LLP secured for a client. The article discussed how a Florida state court had ruled that Halifax Health lacked authority to build a hospital outside of a special taxing district's geographical bounds, granting a judgment to a district resident who challenged a partially completed project in the city of Deltona.

“Judge Orfinger’s ruling combined with Judge France’s decision only eight days ago, makes clear that special taxing districts like Halifax are constrained to operate within their defined geographic boundaries unless granted express permission from the Florida Legislature to do otherwise,” Epps counsel Martin Goldberg of Lash & Goldberg LLP said. “Should Halifax or other special districts desire to seek out other sources of revenue not tied to providing medical services to their own residents, it should take those strategies to the Legislature.”

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