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Company and Its Officers Settle Derivative Action on Favorable Terms

Lash & Goldberg LLP represented a Florida limited liability company and its officers in defense of a shareholder derivative action involving the ownership and management of an entity formed to acquire telecommunications equipment and provide telecommunications service in Latin America.  Following the Firm’s filing a motion to dismiss plaintiff’s complaint, the case settled on terms favorable to the Firm’s clients.

Hospitals Stop the Expansion of a Florida Statute before Appellate Courts


Through three different proceedings, Lash & Goldberg LLP defended hospitals against attempts by patients to expand the coverage of the Florida Civil Rights Act to hospitals licensed by the state.  In each case, the patients complained of disability discrimination and argued that the presence of a cafeteria on the hospitals’ respective premises transformed each hospital into a public accommodation subject to the Act.

Former Public Official Represented in Criminal Case and Later Pension Proceeding

Lash & Goldberg LLP represented a former city police chief and city manager against federal criminal charges of misusing public and charity funds.  In the highly publicized criminal proceedings, the Firm defended the former official against extensive federal mail and wire fraud charges arising from his alleged theft of monies from a police-funded charity.